Emotional Learning with a Grumpy Hoglet <<Contents << Back The pre-school experience is beset with reasons to be growlie and grumbly. There’s the snot of others, the constant nagging to share and take turns and the incessant presentation of unwanted vegetables at meal times - to name a few. Life is full of injustice too... some one grabs your toy and you end up on the step because of how you react to being wronged. You’re being put to bed even though you are SO not tired! No one understands you. There’s alot to put up with. It’s OK... Pre-schoolers will identify with Happy. He has a lot of big feelings in a world that isn’t really on his terms yet. He’s ok with that. This helps the audience accept their own big feelings. It’s OK to be grumpy! We should accept ourselves for who we are. Funny: If you are a pre-schooler in need of a little cheering up – this show is for you. It gives you a laugh and a laugh can cure a lot. Feelings: It’s good to accept our grumpy feelings - but it’s great to have good ones and share them. Sharing good feelings makes them grow! The more positive feelings we can create and grow in the world, the more positive feelings there are. We don’t choose difficult times – but successfully dealing with them develops resilience. The Sunny River stories have a power: to teachlifelong lessons in resilience and promote a whole lot of love and kindness.